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How Refersion Completes Ambassador Marketing Campaigns

64% of marketers agree that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective type of marketing. There’s just one problem. How do you make an ambassador marketing program appealing to your customers, while also effectively managing the whole end to end process? The answer is Refersion.

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Does Your Ambassador Marketing Have These Problems?

Brand ambassadors, especially when they are current customers, need to be carefully managed. You might face these problems.

You can’t track ambassador marketing activity separately from affiliates visual

You can’t track ambassador marketing activity separately from affiliates.

Some companies fail to distinguish between ambassadors, social media influencers, and affiliates. That’s a mistake because ambassadors have a different relationship with the company. An ambassador who has been a loyal customer for a year is different from an affiliate who has never used your product. Your marketing reports should track and report these separately.

You don’t provide payments to ambassadors on time visual

You don’t provide payments to ambassadors on time.

You expect to be paid on time for your work. Your ambassadors expect the same treatment. If you rely on manual processes like tracking ambassadors in a spreadsheet, you might not make timely payments. Paying late or incorrect commissions to ambassadors is guaranteed to cause complaints and make it harder to grow.

Scale Your Ambassador Marketing Program With Refersion

Refersion helps you to stay organized as you grow your ambassador marketing program. You can track each ambassador and affiliate in your reports which makes it easy to measure revenue. Refersion is also designed to make online payments fast and easy using PayPal, Stripe and ACH.

Blenders Eyewear featured image
Blenders Eyewear

Discover how Blenders Eyewear, a fashion-forward D2C brand, implemented tools from Refersion and Klaviyo to strategically personalize, manage, and track their flourishing ambassador program for a 270% revenue increase.

“Refersion’s reports definitely make my life easier. Having clear reporting is super important, especially when it comes down to seeing all the revenue that the Blenders Street Team brings in.”

Marygrace LeGros, Street Team Manager, Blenders Eyewear
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Pura Vida featured image
Pura Vida

Founded on the “pure life” Costa Rican philosophy, jewelry and accessories brand Pura Vida applied Refersion’s technology to scale their ambassador program and achieve a 590% revenue increase.

“Refersion’s streamlined technology enables the Pura Vida team to keep all of our reps organized and gives us a high-level look into their performance each month.”

Griffin Thall, CEO and Co-founder, Pura Vida
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